Guy Dumas Announces the Launch of Tribal DeFi With Canadian First Nations

Manitoulin Island, September, 1, 2022– Guy Dumas announces the launch of Tribal DeFi, the leading Fintech supporting digital economy with tribal peoples.

This vision is born from a collective lifeway that Dumas has been pursuing for decades. Internationally, the spirit of this vision is shared, and the innovation development team looks forward to working alongside Dumas in expanding services to all underbanked, underserved, and unbanked indigenous around the world.

Having been an indigenous thought leader, community organizer, and business consultant for nearly 40 years, Dumas has long advocated for revitalizing tribal economies. In so doing, he encourages technological adoption as a means to connect sources of information, capital, and international allies to cooperatively advance this goal. Originally from the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba, located in Pukatawagan, Manitoba. He currently lives on Manitoulin Island, Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, with his wife and grandchildren.

Having already made several notable achievements with Tribal DeFi, including the creation of the company office, the MSB in Canada, and developing compliancy relationships with Fintrac, Dumas is leading from the front with a unifying message for shared prosperity. Prior to Tribal DeFi, he was a business advisor with large institutions and businesses where he offered a window of his version of the Indigenous reality. Dumas shared that “tribal peoples all over the world have an opportunity to transcend their economic reality into one that is compatible with their values and beliefs. With developments like ESG impact investing becoming necessities, we can see that the international financial and commercial landscape is evolving.”

Working within communities as a counselor and band manager he gained a unique grassroots perspective in the day-to-day challenges experienced by many Native Americans. His thought leadership for a revitalized and renewed indigneous purpose has been in evidence through his writings and advocacy work within economic development, politics, and entrepreneurship. This activity spans decades, boundaries, and demographics. A mentor to both youth and elders, his various roles in community service have impacted many, fostering new leaders in political office, environmental advocacy, and implementation of housing security and holistic medicines.

A natural evolution to this work, he has already begun integrating the support of the Wapiskasine Nation, The Southern Cherokee Nation and The Red Fire People (SCNRFP), and allies of First Nations Indigenous governments and businesses. Simultaneously, he has guided the Tribal DeFi team in developing an educational campaign to help inform both indigenous and non-indigenous stakeholders how the technical implementation will solve immediate, medium, and long term economic development issues while contributing to workforce development and fostering international entrepreneurialism.

The entire team of Tribal DeFi, its allies, clients, and investors are honored and inspired to work alongside Guy and support the vision for a restorative financial ecosystem that will surely come from this exciting innovation. For the first time, the modern tools of fintech and DeFi are now available for indigenous peoples to accelerate economic development and participate in grassroots community growth while embracing international communities.

About Tribal DeFi:

Tribal DeFi is dedicated to work alongside indigenous people around the world, beginning with Native American indigenous communities. Its mission is to provide inclusive and balanced tools for socio-economic development so that indigenous peoples, their businesses and their authorities have access to digital finance products, processes and technologies with trust, authentication, and transparency.

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