Native American tribal communities are affected by poverty, unemployment and lack of business activity. They struggle to access capital and financial services. Fintech TRIBAL DeFi creates a financial system that matches these economic realities. By implementing the tools and processes of digital finance TRIBAL DeFi:

  • improves the efficiency and reliability of transactions,
  • promotes the financial inclusion of individuals and SMEs,
  • create crowdfunding with fractional ownership,
  • create a stablecoin allowing ICOs,
  • promotes capital investment,
  • authorizes needs-based loans,
  • values legal cannabis and online gaming companies,
  • develop the financial inclusion of individuals and SMEs,
  • facilitates exchanges in American and global financial networks,
  • respects the compliance, transparency and legitimacy required by US agencies.


  • C1 – Consider the economic, legal and daily realities of tribal communities.
  • C2 – Reconnecting people of tribal communities and sources of capital.
  • C3 – Create a financial system for tribal communities to improve conditions of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.
  • C4 – Provide quick and easy access to capital and financial services in tribal communities.
  • C5 – Rely on the digitization of finance through technology with a concern for creativity and innovation.
  • C6 – Create TRIBAL DeFi, the FinTech dedicated to tribal communities, its products, processes and technology that benefit indigenous peoples, their companies and their authorities.

Thrust 1 – Promote digital transformation in tribal communities

  • S1 – Create TRIBAL DeFi to provide an innovative solution to the problem of insufficient capital in tribal communities for the inclusive, responsible and sustainable development of indigenous peoples.
  • S2 – Create TRIBAL DeFi, the self-regulated Fintech to facilitate access for Indigenous peoples and their businesses to affordable capital and financial services by opening them up to US and global markets.
  • S3 – Create TRIBAL DeFi by associating the sovereign authority of the governments of tribal communities.
  • S4 – Through the governments of tribal communities, partner with US agencies to ensure transparency and legitimacy.
  • S5 – Contribute to the development of the economic and human security of tribal communities in consultation with federal and tribal governments.
  • S6 – Contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the United States Senate Oversight Hearing on Access to Capital in Indian Country.
  • S7 – Include the TRIBAL DeFi initiative as part of the work on economic development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Indigenous Peoples (UN-DESA).

Thrust 2 – Promote the digital economy in tribal communities

  • S1 – Develop the economic growth potential of tribal communities based on their untapped resources, lands and sovereignty.
  • S2 – Expanding the emerging national market for Native American Nations (Gavin Clarkson*).
  • S3 – Serve and increase the economic opportunity of current and projected income streams from online gambling activities and legal cannabis sales.
  • S4 – Leverage the cash deposits generated by these activities to provide the source of capital to finance the development of tribal communities.
  • S5 – Generate commission income from online gaming transactions and legal cannabis sales.

Thrust 3 – Transforming tribal communities into inclusive digital societies

  • S1 – Create a culture of financial innovation with simple and easy-to-use services, methods and products for tribal communities.
  • S2 – Provide banking services to under / unbanked legal trade areas.
  • S3 – Serve the traditionally overlooked customers and businesses of online gaming and legal cannabis and become the leading banking institution of emerging institutions.
  • S4 – For individuals and SMEs, develop electronic payments and regulations "in real time", using affordable and easily scalable Internet technologies.
  • S5 – Foster direct capital investment in businesses, housing and infrastructure of tribal communities.
  • S6 – Promote loans based on the needs and conditions of tribal communities.
  • S7 – Create crowdfunding with fractional ownership, with the creation of a stablecoin dedicated to tribal communities (TCS) and the launch of ICOs.

Thrust 4 – Create a trusting, secure and ethical environment in tribal communities

  • S1 – Strengthen security and ethics in economic activities and digital transactions. With WorldKYC, promote a digital identification system through strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • S2 – Improve the commitment of tribal community institutions to the protection of personal data and confidentiality.
  • S3 – Define the regulations on transparency, conflicts of interest and insider trading.
  • S4 – Carry out regular evaluations and CAMELS-type ratings of all associated institutions.
  • S5 – Consult with U.S. banking regulators on compliance provisions for U.S. federal laws - anti-money laundering law, bank secrecy law, PATRIOT law, and Know Your Customer rules.

Thrust 5 – Train digital talents of tribal communities

  • S1 – Build the TRIBAL DeFi leadership team with directors from tribal communities and the United States and outside advisors.
  • S2 – Train the TRIBAL DeFi management team in the use of the services, methods and products operated by Winstant Limited - Trade Solutions Group, WinstantPay, WorldKYC - white label TRIBAL DeFi.
  • S3 – Train a team of marketers to approach institutions, businesses and populations.
  • S4 – Provide continuous training for staff of institutions, particularly financial institutions, to improve their digital skills.


  • January - February 2022: context analysis of tribal communities, vision, objectives, thrusts, strategies. Editing of website and slide deck.
  • March-April 2022: creation of 7 products, signature of partnerships with tribal communities, their banks and financial institutions.
  • May 2022: National awareness launch at RES 2022. Presentation of the project and products to tribal leaders, launch of the platform to make national and global payments.
  • June 2022: KYC-AML registration, opening of Instant Payment Wallets, establishment of the e-commerce platform promoting business exports.
  • July – December 2022: implementation of other products depending on the authorizations obtained - Mint Sovereign, Asset Backed Digital Currencies and IEO and ICO issuance for the world, Crypto and digital currencies exchange, establishment of points of sale with the support of local partner companies.