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  1. A context: Analysis of the context of tribal communities led to the creation of TRIBAL DeFi. Read (reference to context)

  2. A vision: TRIBAL DeFi aims to contribute to the inclusive, sustainable socio-economic development of tribal communities. Read (reference to Vision)

  3. Three objectives: TRIBAL DeFi sets three objectives that invite individuals and businesses from tribal communities to use digital finance (O1), to create an ecosystem that adopts the digital economy (O2), to train in digital finance tools (O3)

  4. Five thrusts: TRIBAL DeFi defines five strategic thrusts, namely to promote digital transformation, promote digital economy, transform tribal communities into inclusive digital societies, create a trustworthy, safe and ethical environment, train digital talents.

  5. Strategies: TRIBAL DeFi supports these thrusts with strategies depending of the case studies

  6. A Roadmap:
    • January - February 2022: Context analysis of tribal communities, vision, objectives, thrusts, strategies. Editing of website and slide deck.
    • March-April 2022: Creation of 7 products, signature of partnerships with tribal communities, their banks and financial institutions.
    • May 2022: National awareness launch at RES 2022. Presentation of the project and products to tribal leaders, launch of the platform to make national and global payments.
    • June 2022: KYC-AML registration, opening of Instant Payment Wallets, establishment of the e-commerce platform promoting business exports.
    • July – December 2022: Implementation of other products depending on the authorizations obtained - Mint Sovereign, Asset Backed Digital Currencies and IEO and ICO issuance for the world, Crypto and digital currencies exchange, establishment of points of sale with the support of local partner companies.

Case Study

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