Tribal Marketplace for the world

The creation of a tribal community-specific marketplace allows merchants from very small, small, and medium-sized tribal communities to sell their products and services. Not only in the local community market and the American market, but also in international markets. This digital tribal marketplace can obtain the support of sovereign nations that sponsor the initiative intended to make known to the world the productions of tribal communities. It acts in an ethical and sustainable manner, bolstering a unified solidarity for local development and the preservation of the cultural and spiritual environment.

Benefit to the tribal members:

  • Members of tribal communities equipped with a Tribal DeFi wallet can purchase the products and services posted on the marketplace. On an individual basis, they can also sell products and services resulting from family production, for example.

Benefit to Small Businesses

  • The marketplace relies on cooperatives, craftsmen and creators from tribal communities. It promotes the goldsmith's work of creators and craftsmen from tribal communities by allowing them to live with dignity from their work. It promotes the authenticity of ancestral know-how, cultivates an art of living from the diversity of Indian tribes.

Benefit for the tribes

  • Guaranteeing the independence of artisans
  • Assist in the development of artisanal cooperatives
  • Contribute to the improvement of working conditions and the empowerment of women by respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Encourage local talent
  • Promote true craftsmanship and the quality of its products
  • Give full meaning to the principle of fair trade and the promotion of sustainable development
  • Financially, the tribes benefit from revenue sharing with a percentage on the sale of each product or service